About Counselling

You may be finding yourself feeling low, worried, anxious, struggling to sleep, snapping at people, finding yourself unable to say ‘no’ to demands being placed upon you by friends or family.   Maybe your relationships with family and friends are suffering as a result of this and you’d like to change your interactions with them and establish reasonable boundaries.  Maybe you are not feeling as resilient as you once did.  

Counselling can provide you with a space in which you will be listened to without judgment and you can explore your feelings and emotions.  It is a place of safety where the unsayable can be said and you can choose to change your emotional and behavioural patterns.  It is a place for experimenting with new ways of being and relating to others. 

I am an integrative practitioner which means I use different theories and techniques to create a therapy solution which is appropriate to you.  I use elements of transactional analysis, person centred therapy and compassion focused therapy.  I work collaboratively with you so that you can be true to yourself.  This is all set within the safety and boundaries of the counselling relationship.

I believe we all have within us the resources we need but sometimes we need a little help to find a different way of being and coping with all that life can throw at us.

Online & Telephone Counselling 

I have undertaken additional training to undertake counselling online and via telephone.

I use the Zoom video call platform which is secure and easy to use. I will send you the link to the online appointment each week once payment has been received. 

If we are working by telephone then I will telephone you on the number that you ask me to call on at the appointment time.

Research shows that working online or via telephone is as effective as meeting in person.  There are many benefits of working either online or via telephone which include;

*You do not have to travel to attend your appointment 

*You can attend at a convenient time for you

*You may find it easier to talk, focus and express yourself 

*You can have therapy wherever is comfortable and convenient for you

*Continuity of therapy can be maintained if either of us are travelling

We can discuss the setting up of your own comfortable therapy space during our first session if you’d like to.

If you have any questions then please do contact me.